Natural Stone Cladding Corner Treatment Guide

Natural Stone Cladding Corner Treatment Guide

Our natural stone claddings look exceptional on wall applications internally and externally, and the end of the wall is not the limit! Corners can be clad to create an intricate design feature or to seamlessly continue the flow of natural stone around a built surface.

We have compiled below a list of suggested corner and edge treatments, that are typically used to create a clean finish.

Interlocking Finger Join

Quartz Silver Strip Cladding (CS1.QS) has been installed on this exterior application using an Interlocking Finger Joint. This is one of the easiest methods of installation for the Island Stone product range and can easily be achieved by a contractor on site using straight cuts.

Strip Cladding Quartz Silver CS1.QS

Mitre Join

Quartz Silver Rustic Cladding (CR1.QS) is installed using a Mitre Joint in the below image. Your contractor can manually mitre the edges to a 45 degree angle on site for a very neat, seamless finish.


Butt Join

Quartz Silver V-Tile™ (CR2.QS) has been installed utilising a Butt Join. Pieces are trimmed and butted up against the perpendicular tile to create an aesthetically appealing and easily executed join.



Himarchal White Strip Cladding (CS1.HW) has been installed with the use of an L-Plate, which masks the join completely. L-plates are available in a number of different materials including steel and aluminium, and can be powder coated in many different colours. These strips can complement the cladding, or create a feature by using a contrasting colour.


Square Profile*

Quartz Silver Strip Cladding (CS1.QS) has been installed using a Square Profile. The ideal profile is when the depth is equal to the largest part of the stone wedge, these are available in many powder coated colours.

*This is our recommended option for ease of installation and for a neat and professional finish.


* For profiles and edge plates we recommend the use of Schluter and Dural products, please refer to the following links:

Schluter –

Dural –

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