Our seamless sea of stones.

Our seamless sea of stones.


Introducing Island Stone’s latest innovation – Spindrift Glass Pebble Tile. 

There’s something special about the interaction of pebble and smooth water… so we set our designers the challenge of capturing the essence of one of nature’s most calming experiences.

The result is Spindrift, an interlocking tile featuring brightly coloured glass pebbles in a flat surface and satin finish – part of our new Glass range. It’s a mosaic that creates the look and feel of stone pebbles in a sea of tranquillity. This has provided interior designers and architects with a new way to bring a sense of nature to residential and commercial spaces.

As with all our stone tile and cladding ranges, Spindrift is defined by our commitment to sustainability. This commitment enables our customers and their clients to benefit from stunning design innovation with a conscience as clear as, well, Spindrift.


Island Stone - Spindrift - Stratos

Island Stone Spindrift – Stratos (BG14.STRA)

The Facts:

Spindrift: 300 x 300mm interlocking tile is available in six popular colours; all with an opaque white backing for optimum light reflection. As practical as they are beautiful, Spindrift tiles are durable and available for use in exteriors and interiors, on floors, pools and in commercial settings. And as with all of our pebble range, Spindrift tiles are suitable for both concave and convex application.


Colour Range:


    Spindrift – Tule                              Spindrift – Stratos                     Spindrfit – Spring 


  Spindrift – Smoke                         Spindrift – Pure Silk                   Spindrift – Azure