Office Design Inspired by the Natural World

Office Design Inspired by the Natural World

Office designs should be real brand-boosters. Not just by creating modern office spaces aligned to corporate ID but by inspiring people who share a workplace to feel great about the environmental choices made along the way.

There’s plenty of evidence to show that when people feel engaged with the space they inhabit and with the ethos of the employing organisation, they feel better about work. Because they feel valued.

I recently read some University of Utah research about the positive effect that exposure to nature can have on our wellbeing. Interacting with nature seems to prompt positive changes in the brain and the body. For example, going for a hike can be a great stress buster. It can inspire greater creativity. Even viewing scenes of nature can, it seems, be therapeutic.

While I’m certainly not suggesting that introducing natural stone into offices will precipitate health benefits akin to a forest walk, it’s surely worth thinking about the positive effect on people of bringing natural features into office spaces. Why do people congregate in atriums, make a beeline for a water feature on a nice sunny day or prefer a desk with a window overlooking campus parkland?

So when the next office transformation project comes along, why not think about introducing nods to nature – trees, water features, and, dare I say, natural stone cladding and floors that feel good to touch and walk on. Even small changes can make people feel more connected with the natural world…and that can also be good for business.

So here are just a few products ethically honed from natural sources by Island Stone. Click on each image to reveal more about their features and the options available.


V-Tile™ and Crescent V-Tile™

V-Tile™ is a single wedge tile, non-meshed option allowing designers and architects to achieve stunning looks through multiple colours, sizes and finishes.

Designs can be enhanced by the mixing of colours or alternating stone and finishes ranges to create a stand out feature or a subtle nuance alongside another design highlight.

The image below highlights the floor to ceiling use of a mitred corner join and return to the lift access in a stack 50% offset.