Most Wanted of 2019

Premium Pebble in Antique White I3.PM

The detail – 300mm x 300mm pre-formatted, mesh-backed interlocking tile

Can be applied on floors & walls, flat or curved surfaces

More colours available….

The Premium Pebble has been the premier pebble tile for over 20 years – but what has everyone been asking for in the last year? Starring in 2019 was the Premium Pebble in Antique White. The impressive fresh, sharp colour is a must have for interior and exterior projects. The natural consistency of the Premium Pebble range values the quality, size, and colour of the hand sorted and ethically harvested stone.

It was the most requested design of last year, and just take a look, it’s easy to see why.

Island Stone Premium Pebble in Antique White (I3.PM)

A crisp and clean look can be created when paired with a white grout. A classic refreshing appearance is created when combined with greenery in exterior use. The interlocking system seamlessly blends the tiles to give a cohesive look on a large scale. This is effect is particularly noticeable on larger feature walls.

Island Stone Premium Pebble in Antique White (I3.PM)

Create interior spaces with a warm, earthy natural feel to them. Utilising an ivory or cream grout the warmer tones of the Antique White colourway can be showcased. Premium Blend Pebbles can be used in a variety of locations. They are great for kitchen splash-backs, can be used in bathrooms on walls and floors, and are fantastic in water features.

Island Stone Premium Pebble in Antique White (I3.PM)

The mesh system lends itself to a variety of surfaces. Curves are not a problem! Premium Pebble tiles wrap around concave and convex surfaces, meaning there is no limitation to your designs. The mill pond smooth pebbles create surfaces demanding to be touched.

Island Stone Premium Pebble in Antique White (I3.PM)

The Premium Blend Pebble – a superior natural stone – is the look of natural perfection.