V-Tile™ & Rustic Cladding – A Designers Dream

V-Tile™ & Rustic Cladding – A Designers Dream

The Island Stone range is in many instances an interior designers dream. The plethora of stone design, colours and shapes limits design only to imagination. The below blog post is an inspiration guide with some technical recommendations as to appropriate tile choice to achieve your desired look / design.

V-Tile™ and Crescent V-Tile™ – Has been specifically designed to use in more intricate design applications where flexibility and versatility are essential.

Rustic and Crescent Rustic Cladding –  Is a grout free meshed backed, woven, 3d tile design specifically created by Island Stone. Developed to achieve an intricate yet easily installed and repeatable appearance in both commercial and resident applications. Read on for further details and imagery that best demonstrates this exceptional product installed to perfection.

V-Tile™ and Crescent V-Tile™

V-Tile™ comes as a single wedge tile, non-meshed option allowing designers and architects to achieve any desired bespoke look. This diverse tile also comes in a range of different colours, sizes (V-Tile™, Large V-Tile™, V-Tile™ II) and finishes (V-Tile™ natural finish or Crescent V-Tile™ honed finish).

Desired looks / designs can be enhanced by the mixing of colours or alternate stone and finishes ranges. Bordering with other stone, intricate corner treatment and the use of alternate laying styles can create a stand out feature or a subtle nuance to another design highlight in your space.

Large V-Tile™ has been used in the commercial ground floor application. The below image highlights the floor to ceiling use of a mitred corner join and return to the lift access  in a stack 50% offset.


Vertical application of Crescent V-Tile™ can be used to achieve a stunning aesthetic. Crescent V-Tile™ in Sutra Black (CB2.BM) has been used in a stacked 25% offset vertical orientation in the below example.


As mentioned you can also achieve interesting looks by combining multiple Island Stone products. This fireplace features a combination of V-Tile™ and Large V-Tile™, a gorgeous use of an asymmetric design. This design uses two rows of staggered V-Tile™ divided by a row of staggered large V-Tile™.


TIP – Like with anything, preparation is essential. When identifying a design for your space, don’t forget to think about how your are going to treat the corners and edges. This can influence how and where on the wall you start. Click HERE to view our corner treatment blog post for more detail and inspiration.

Rustic and Crescent Rustic Cladding

Rusting and Crescent Rustic Cladding is another fantastic Island Stone product which can be used to achieve a specific look in both horizontal and vertical laying orientations. This natural stone cladding system is designed with an easy-to-install interlocking finger system and mesh-backed. This deliberate interlocking system, which is unique in its orientation to Island Stone products ensures seamless installation, ideal for large commercial wall and flooring applications. The below is an example of Rustic Cladding applied in several different internal and external situations.

Rustic cladding is available in a range of different sizes, colour and finish options. The Rustic range consists of Rustic Cladding, Rustic Cladding II, Crescent Rustic Cladding (Honed) and Crescent Mini Rustic Cladding (Honed).

Rustic Cladding Golden Slate (CR1.GD)


Crescent Mini Rustic Cladding (CB3.SM) has been used on this huge feature wall, and in the background on the smaller retaining wall.


Sandstone Mint Rustic Cladding (CR1.SM) has been used to showcase this stunning feature fireplace making it a clear centrepiece of the room.


Crescent Rustic Cladding in Quartz Silver (CB1.QS)


TIP – Rustic Cladding is designed to be installed in the dedicated Rustic pattern. If you are trying to achieve a bespoke look or would like greater flexibility of design you could always use a combination of Island Stones other ranges. For example blending both Crescent V-Tile™ and Rustic Cladding.

After more inspiration? Browse our website for further product information, completed project images, or our other inspiration orientated blog posts.